simplifying debt collection for the public and private sectors

A Total Solution

By utilizing all of our value-added solutions — debt collection, billing & mailing, litigation and skip-tracing services — you can maximize effectiveness and efficiency into all of your accounts receivable operations from billing statements, reminder notices and debt collection.

Debt Recovery

The collection process is not only sensitive but also involves utilizing a flexible, secure and aggressive debt recovery process.

The Process:

A custom data transfer system is designed for each client to insure accuracy and timely electronic data updates.
All data is stored in a secure and protected computer system utilizing the latest technology in intrusion detection and disaster recovery.
Debtors are contacted for payment through a combination of letter and telephone correspondence, recording each consequence of letter or telephone call in the debtor account record.
Legal action will be recommended when a debtor fails to make a payment after all letter and telephone correspondence avenues have been exhausted.


Skip-Tracing Services

With delinquencies and charge-offs continuing to rise, our skip-tracing efforts through our third-party partner LexisNexis® Accurint®, provides an unmatched wealth of public information. We utilize a database which is designed to accurately recognize consumers with name verifications, aliases, multiple address histories and many other data elements.

Billing & Mailing Services

MCA offers a perfect solution to assist businesses and local governments in handling all their billing service requirements more efficiently. These services can be very cost effective by the outsourcing of repetitive billing operations. Improvement to your bottom line is almost immediate.

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