simplifying debt collection for the public and private sectors

Company Profile

Municipal Collection Agency Ltd. is a woman-owned Rhode Island Corporation whose only objective is the collection of past due funds for the public and private sectors.

Since 1992, MCA has collected over $150 million dollars for clients such as the City of Providence, RI Traffic Tribunal, RI Department of Corrections, RI Department of Transportation, RI Division of Motor Vehicles, RI Department of Environmental Management, RI Superior Court, Warwick Municipal Court, Warwick Rescue Services, Narragansett Rescue Services, Justice Assistance, Community College of RI as well as many other public and private concerns.

Our mission is to assist your organization in the recovery of its outstanding debt from individuals and businesses in an expeditious and secure manner while maintaining an equitable fee structure for these services.



Tier 1 - Collection Agency Activity

The policy of MCA is to vigorously collect as much of the debt as possible and to use litigation only when absolutely necessary. Depending on the types and age of the accounts, normal operation is for a series of notices, normally four - first, second, third and last attempt - to be mailed in succession.

Tier 2 - In-State Litigation Activity

Our partner, the law firm of Francis A. Gaschen, employs a collections policy geared toward getting the highest return in as little time as possible. An initial dunning letter will be sent. If there is no response or the debtor refuses to make payment within a resonable time, the account will be evaluated as to whether a lawsuit is warranted.

Tier 3 - Out of State Litigation Activity

In appropriate circumstances, our law firm resource can also assist MCA in identifying out-of-state attorneys who are available to assist in the collections process throughout the United States.

Municipal Collection Agency, Ltd.

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